Abertay Archive

Welcome to the online catalogue of Abertay University Archives

This site contains lists of the university’s archive collections that you can search in order to find items that can help with your research. We are regularly adding to the catalogue lists, so if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us at the email address archives@abertay.ac.uk

The collections

The archive collections consist mainly of historical records of the university and its predecessor institutions going back to its foundation in 1888. There are also some collections that have been given to the university by external depositors. Collections include

  • Dundee Technical College and School of Art (formerly Dundee Technical Institute) - Archive Ref DTCSA
  • Dundee Institute of Art and Technology
  • Dundee College of Technology
  • Dundee Institute of Technology
  • University of Abertay Dundee
  • Dundee and District Association for the Promotion of Technical Education - Archive Ref DAPTE
  • Dundee Technical College Former Students Association - Archive Ref DTCFS
  • John Nicolson Low - Archive Ref JNL

Digital images

The collections have not been digitised and so the lists do not link to digital images of items. If you would like images of anything please contact the email address archives@abertay.ac.uk

How to Search the Online Catalogue

To search for a specific item, place, organisation, or person type your search term into the search field above. If your search term includes connecting words like and or of please put it in quotes. For example, search for “Dundee Technical College and School of Art” as a search for this without quotes or inverted commas will provide no hits. You can view more detail about items in the list generated by your search by clicking on the title (in purple) of the item you want to explore further. Note down the reference number, title, and date of any item you would like to view so you can arrange an appointment to see it, or arrange a copy.

To browse the names of our collections lists please press the “Browse” button and select “Archive Descriptions”. Click on the title (in purple) of any collection of interest in order to browse through it in more detail. Clicking on titles in the treeview summary at the top will allow you to navigate further into it. Note down the reference number, title, and date of any item you would like to view so you can arrange an appointment to see it, or arrange a copy.

Accessing items

The collections are open to anyone to view within the limits of information legislation (such as GDPR).

Archives can be viewed by appointment at the university Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Once you have reference numbers for items you would like to look at in the collections please contact Abertay University Archives by email on archives@abertay.ac.uk or telephone 01356 308120 in order to arrange an appointment to view them, or to ask about arranging copies.